Introduction to Bushcraft - 2 Day

Ever fancied sleeping out in the wild? A weekend to remember for young and old(er)!

Course Description

This course will introduce you to the main skills you would require to survive and leave you with a good understanding which, if you wanted to, can be taken further to increase your depth of knowledge and ability.

As most things in the outdoors take longer than expected we will be working in groups to ensure topics can be covered efficiently.

Subjects covered;

  • Your natural surroundings and interpreting them.
  • Shelter building using natural materials and tarps & hammocks, and then sleeping in them!
  • Fire lighting including selection of suitable tinder and friction.
  • Water, sourcing, collecting, filtering and purifying.
  • Safe and efficient Knife and saw use.
  • Game preparation, cooking (and eating).
  • Natural cord / string making using many different materials.
  • Camp gadgets for hanging pans over your fire.
  • Natural navigation using the stars, sun and landscape.

A real adventure which will introduce you to many bushcraft skills. A great way to experience the great outdoors while learning.

This course is aimed at adults and accompanied mid / late teens.