Canoe / Bushcraft Courses

Specialist courses to fit your skills


This course is aimed at small groups or couples who want to incorporate their bushcraft experiences into a journey and is typically a two or three day course. Dates can be arranged to suit you and so don't appear in the course calendar section.

No experience of canoes or bushcraft is necessary as the course will be tailored to your requirements. Ideally you will have some camping / outdoor experience and have an idea of what the environment can throw at you (from weather to bugs) but our aim is to educate and increase your confidence being out in the wilds.

Based in the Scottish lowlands area we will predominantly be paddling flat water to learn or improve canoe skills as we journey to our campsite, maybe an island.

We will work to leave no trace principles, reducing our impact as we journey. Where possible we will aim to cook on open fires. Evening meals will be provided you will just need to bring breakfast, lunch and nibbles.

We will provide a comprehensive kit list and instruction on the best ways to pack to ensure your kits stays dry.


Course Details:


Dumfries and Galloway

Course Length:

Two / Three Days



Max Course Size:



From £200 per person



Explore the Ardnamurchan Peninsular with its stunning and inspiring lochs whilst developing your Bushcraft and Canoeing skills with our highly experienced team of professionals.

The trip will involve overnight trips of varying lengths in one of the many beautiful lochs, camping near the waters edge.

You will receive canoe instruction as well as tips on expedition packing and cooking. Discover the value of being able to read your landscape with confidence in order to know what resources you will find, choose a good camp site, find dry kindling/tinder as well as filter/purify water along with many other Bushcraft skills. In addition, coastal foraging can add some choice morsels to the menu.

We will meet up at the base camp site on the first day and this will be spent sorting kit, getting tips on packing and an introduction to the paddling skills you will require before we load up and head off for a 1 or 2 night trip before heading back, resetting and heading off to a different area. We will have a selection of short / longer journeys which we can use depending on the weather and everyone’s ability. The expedition will close on the last day in time for everyone to travel home.

We will aim to cover all aspects of journeying by canoe including tandem paddling, solo paddling, improvised rafting of canoes, sailing and line and polling.

There will be time to focus on personal paddling and Bushcraft skills to allow each person to get the most from the time on the water and at camps.

Dinner will be provide while on expedition, you will just need to bring breakfast, lunch and snack stuff.

There will be three instructors on the course to ensure we can spend as much time on Bushcraft and paddle skills as possible.