Introduction to Bushcraft - Level II

The ideal follow up to the standard Introduction to Bushcraft Course

Course Description

This course is the ideal follow up to the standard Introduction to Bushcraft Course we run however its full of great skills on its own :-)

We will introduce you to further skills and leave you with a good understanding which, if you wanted to, can be taken further to increase your depth of knowledge and ability.

As most things in the outdoors take longer than expected we will be working in groups to ensure topics can be covered efficiently.

Subjects covered;

  • Tarpology, using your tarp to best effect, some simple but efficient knots and hitches
  • Hammocks, easy setup
  • Sharp tools
    • knife – the law, storage, different types, sharpening, safe and efficient use, different 'cuts'
    • Folding saws & Bow saws, safe use, storage
    • Put your skills in to practice and make your own bucksaw to take away with you and if time a woodland mallet as well
  • Natural navigation – sun, stars, landscape
  • Tree and plant ID, how to identify and also what you can use them for (depending on what's around of course)
  • Expanding your knowledge with different methods of fire lighting
  • Using only natural tinders to get your fire going
  • We will introduce the hand drill to further expand on friction fire lighting plus options to practice bow drill friction fire

A real adventure which will introduce you to many bushcraft skills. A great way to experience the great outdoors while learning.

This course is aimed at adults and accompanied mid / late teens.


A great experience! Peter is very knowledgeable and made the day interesting in a relaxed environment. I even learnt how to make fire with purely friction of sticks, so got one thing ticked off The bucket List!

Introduction to Bushcraft - part 2