Introduction to Tracking course

Introduction to the concepts of animal tracking, giving you an awareness of your surroundings and animal habitats

Course Description

This 1 day course will introduce you to the concepts of animal tracking and leave you with a greater awareness of your surroundings and the animals that are inhabiting or passing through.

During the day you will take part in awareness techniques, learn about different animal paw / hoof prints, their gait patterns and how to interpret them.

We will cover the different sign each animal can give to show their presence and ways of recording them from plaster cast to drawing and photography. Sign can include scat, feeding, hair fibres etc.

We will look at methods of gaining evidence from track traps to nature cameras.

We know we have two different type of deer, badger, fox and squirrel in the woodland so we will find track and sign we can follow and interpret. You will leave with a greater understanding of your environment and with your senses much more tuned into your surroundings.

WARNING: You may get hooked on it!