Seasonal Wildfood Course

Come and join us for a day of learning

Course Description

Come and join us for a day of learning about some of the commonly found wild foods available, what the benefits of them are either from a nutritional or medicinal point of view and, where appropriate, turn them in to something tasty.

Learn about;

  • Foraging and the UK law.
  • A foraging 'code of practice' that allows you to harvest but not deplete resources for wildlife and nature.
  • How wild plants are frequently highly nutritious and their health benefits.
  • Medicinal properties that we can harness.
  • Using the available bounty to produce delicious food and drinks.
  • Making simple breads & butter.

A fully hands on day 😊

Any recipes used on the day will be available for you to take home and use again and again.

We can advise on suitable books to work from to help with plant identification and will have some examples available to look through on the day.

We will be running a course in spring and autumn to make use of the different trees, plants, berries & seeds that each season provides.