Our Bushcraft Courses

Derbyshire / Peak District Bushcraft & Wilderness Skills Courses

We may not list many courses, but we can offer everything you may need. Our introductory courses allow you to get a taste of what’s involved, whet your appetite for adventure and see where it can take you. Then maybe take it further.

We will be adding more courses as we go but if you have a specific requirement just get in touch, just because it’s not listed doesn’t mean we won’t do it or that it’s going to be expensive for us to put it on specifically for you. If your looking at a career in the outdoors, we can provide training at the correct level for you to work towards the IOL Bushcraft Competency Certificate.

We can provide businesses with a relaxed team building day or something with a more competitive angle but still working on your teams development. We will work with you to allow your team to learn more about themselves and each other.

Stag and Hen parties are welcome, we can tune the day to suit your requirements.

For schools we can provide activities linked to the curriculum for KS2, 3 & 4. Using the outdoors to build on students knowledge, personal wellbeing, confidence, self esteem and resilience.

We also pledge to plant a tree for each course we run, it doesn’t matter how many people are on it. We want our woodlands to thrive so we can continue enjoying them.

Bushcraft & Wilderness Skills Courses

Please choose an option below for more details, pick a course or make your own course with private tuition.

Introduction to Bushcraft

Introduction to Bushcraft

Step out into the woods and create some memories while learning new skills

Tools, Trees and Tinder

Tools, Trees & Tinder

An ideal follow on from our
Introduction to Bushcraft course

Tarps, Natural Nav and Man made tinders

Tarps, Natural Nav
and Man made tinders

The ideal follow on from our Introduction to Bushcraft

Family Bushcraft Day

Bushcraft Day

Let the family escape from the house and have a family adventure having fun and learning stuff!

Game Preparation and Cooking course

Game Preparation
and Cooking course

Learn how to and get hands on experience of gutting, skinning/plucking!

Introduction to Bushcraft (2 day)

to Bushcraft - 2 Day

Ever fancied sleeping out in the wild? A weekend to remember for young and old(er)!

Canoe / Bushcraft Courses

Canoe / Bushcraft Courses

Specialist courses
to fit your skills

Seasonal Wildfood course

Seasonal Wildfood course

Come and join us
for a day of learning

Bramble and Elder course

Bramble and Elder course

Introducing the wonderful properties of two our most common plants / shrubs

Lime Bark course

Lime Bark course

The fascinating process of turning coppiced bark into delightful containers

Introduction to Tracking course

Introduction to Tracking course

Introduction to the concepts of animal tracking, giving you an awareness of your surroundings and animal habitats

Private Bushcraft course

Private Bushcraft course

Quality time to develop your skills. We can custom build you a course to fit your requirement's

Family or Adults Only Courses

Our listed courses typically have a family option as well so you can chose an adult’s only course or one where the kids can join in. For family courses the lower age is typically 8 years, however younger children may be able to attend depending on a few things, just ask. There is no upper age for family courses as we accept some people just never grow up!

Friendly instructors

We have been in your position so understand how you will feel at times while trying new skills. We will take as much time as possible to make sure you understand and reach your potential. We take pleasure in seeing people achieving success through doing not just watching. Our teaching style is open and friendly.


We believe that attitude towards the environment as well as our subject matter is important. We are friendly but not soft, you need a certain degree of strength when the weather is not so good to achieve some things and good weather is not something we can guarantee so come prepared!

Practice does indeed make perfect

We don’t cram as much into our courses as possible, we believe you need time to practice to get the most from your skills. It doesn’t mean, however, that there will be lots of time sitting around, you will be busy. With high contact time from your instructor it will also change that statement to perfect practice makes perfect, no point in practicing something wrong!


Get in touch! We like to talk to people before we send booking information out to make sure that you know what to expect. Booking forms will then be emailed out along with a recommended kit list and location details. Please return booking forms promptly to ensure your place on the course.


We can come to you and deliver sessions to cover KS1 & KS2 subjects to fit in with the national curriculum but in a fun and enjoyable way.

We can also provide sessions tailored to meet with curriculum needs for the STEM subjects in KS3 & KS4.



Thank you so much for today. It was wonderful - I don't think it could have been better. Callum was going to phone you to say thank you but he fell asleep!!

Laura Hill
Introduction to Bushcraft Day


All of the students were super proud of themselves because they could light fire without matches and told their teachers and friends how it’s done!

M Lomas, Buxton Community School
Introduction to Bushcraft Day