Game Preparation and Cooking course

Learn how to and get hands on experience of gutting, skinning/plucking!

Course Description

On this course you will learn how to and get hands on experience of gutting, skinning/plucking.

Rabbit, learn how to check the animal is suitable to eat, learn one of the easiest ways to gut and skin the rabbit, choose the best bits of meat which will then be made into rabbit burgers for lunch.

Pigeon, checking the bird is suitable to eat, find what its been eating, best way of preparing the bird for the pot and then have the breasts pan fried to go with the rabbit burgers.

Then while lunch is cooking, we will start on the Muntjac deer and learn how to ensure the animal is healthy, gutting, skinning and jointing ready for cooking in a ground oven.

After lunch we will continue with the preparation of the deer plus preparing a selection of vegetables on the fire for a final meal to close the course.

The day will be hands on and we will ensure the kettle is on to keep everyone topped up with brews.