Introduction to Bushcraft

Step out into the woods and create some memories while learning new skills

Course Description

This course will introduce you to the main skills you would require to survive and leave you with a good understanding which, if you wanted to, can be taken further to increase your depth of knowledge and ability.

As most things in the outdoors take longer than expected we will be working in groups to ensure topics can be covered efficiently.

Subjects covered;

  • Your natural surroundings and interpreting them
  • Shelter building using natural materials
  • Water, sourcing, collecting, filtering and purifying
  • Natural cord / string making
  • Camp gadgets for suspending pots over your fire
  • Selection of suitable tinders for fire
  • Fire lighting using the ancient tools of flint and steel, the more modern fire steel and finishing with friction fire using the bow and drill

A real adventure which will introduce you to many bushcraft skills. A great way to experience the great outdoors while learning.

This course is aimed at adults and accompanied mid / late teens.


Had a great time on the Level 1 Bushcraft course! The weather was miserable but Peter was attentive and good humoured, always had a brew on over the fire and made sure that the activities could be done under the canopy as well as in the rain! Learnt lots of new skills and Peter told us about the benefits of various trees and bushes without it being dry. Peter also took photos and gave us access to the box so we could re-live the memories from the comfort of the sofa! I hope his new woodland offers even more!

Hannah Weatherill
Introduction to Bushcraft 1 day course


I was bought a day course from my sister for a Christmas present to attend Red Oak Bushcraft day course and I only have positive praise for the course and Peter, the instructor. The course was organised but relaxed and Peter was never far away to offer advice when required. I learnt a lot for a relatively short Bushcraft course. Bushcraft isn’t all about fire but we all know that’s the most rewarding skill to learn; I have since gone on to make fire by bow drill on my own after this course!

Graham Chesterfield
Introduction to Bushcraft 1 day course