Private Bushcraft course

Quality time to to develop your skills.
We can custom build you a course to fit your skills

Course Description

With a low client to instructor ratio you will have more quality time to develop your skills, spending more time practicing and improving.

This may take many forms from a birthday party for the kids to a corporate team building day.

The choice is yours we can custom build you a course to fit your requirement's and even deliver it at your place (as long as it's suitable).

If you are a school we can deliver a blend of skills to fit KS1 & KS2 subjects to fit in with the National Curriculum but in a fun and enjoyable way.

If you are home schooling your children we can run specific sessions tailored to your educational needs for your family or a home schooling network.

For KS3 we can provide sessions to encourage students to engage with the STEM curriculum when looking at their GCSE options.

With KS4 we can provide an interesting way to help with physics revision.

Choose from a whole host of skills and make a day (or two) to remember, we can offer;

  • Understanding your environment and its safe use.
  • Safe for you AND the environment.
  • Fire lighting in its many different ways.
  • Shelter building both natural and using tarps, have a go with a hammock as well!
  • Efficient/simple water filtering and purification.
  • Leave no Trace ethics and foundations.
  • Sharp tool selection and safe use.
  • Natural cord / string making using many different materials.
  • Simple camp cooking.
  • Preparation and cooking of game.
  • Useful 'gadgets' for around your camp.
  • Identification of useful plants / trees.
  • Find out what bears really do in the woods, and the best way of doing it!
  • Two day introduction to bushcraft and canoe skills

Get in touch and let’s talk about your requirements.


Spent a great afternoon with Peter & Nigel learning a good range of different bushcraft & survival skills. Their friendly approach was pitched just at the right level - informative but not interfering! Very enjoyable afternoon!

Adam Tkacz, Stag Group
Private Booking


The brownies had a great time firelighting in the woods! They had to use their communication and teamwork skills to enable them to light their own little fires. After the initial whole group instruction, the leaders took the time to show each group how to practice and develop their firelighting skills. It was a very informal setting but they still covered literacy and numeracy skills and also re-enforced manners from the brownies! The brownies got to toast their marshmallows at the end and sing a campfire song. Definitely be back!

Brown Owl Methodist Brownies, Buxton
Private Booking